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SMS Text Message Consent Form

To receive SMS text messages from ISSO, you must consent, or opt-in, to receive messages from us. To opt-in, add your mobile text address (cell phone number and carrier) to your ISSO portal profile. You are not required to opt-in.

Step 1: In the black ribbon at the top of the screen, click on Student > My Home. Then, click on Edit Profile.

Step 2: On the Profile page, enter your cell phone number in the "SMS (mobile text) Phone Number" field.

Step 3: Click on the drop down box that says "Select your mobile carrier" and choose your phone carrier/company.
  • Note: If your phone carrier is not listed, you can select "Other" as the carrier of your mobile phone. If this is selected, students should enter their full phone number in the first text box and the e-mail domain of their mobile phone carrier in the second text box.
  • For example: If you have a Chinese cell phone with the carrier China Mobile, you would select "Other" and then enter in the box. If you have an Indian cell phone with the carrier Vodaphone, you would select "Other" and then enter in the box.

Step 4: Click on the green "Test" button which provides a testing mechanism for the phone number and carrier entered. If successful, you will receive an SMS text message to the entered phone number that says "TEST MESSAGE."

Step 5: Click on the Consent Form button and answer the questions. When you finish, click on the green "Update" button. You will receive an email confirming your successful submission.